Hello virtualization and soccer friends,

It’s time to start planning our second vSoccer event during VMworld and this time I hope to be able to organize and attend both San Francisco and Barcelona – fingers crossed for VMworld Europe.

I’ve been thinking about it for a few days now, debated if it was worth organizing it again, not because it wasn’t good last year, it was amazing… ask anyone from this picture 😊

But because it’s a different city and because during the short week of VMworld, there are SO MANY other events and gatherings, both from the conference itself and parties and other things different vendors organize. However , yesterday I put out this tweet and shared a direct message with some folks who played last year, and the responses were so enthusiastic from people, that the question became… How could we not have vSoccer?   Someone even said that vSoccer was additional motivation to register and attend VMworld – can you believe it?

So, although I could have started planning this whole thing earlier, it’s never too late and I am committing to doing my best to bring our second VMworld #vSoccer event in San Francisco to fruition. The target date will be August 27th which is the Tuesday of that week from 8:00 to 10:00pm. For Barcelona, I will also start researching and reaching out to local people that may be able to help me over there. So, stay tuned, but also please ping me if you have information and can assist in coordinating for Barcelona.

Today, I submitted an application to rent a pitch with the San Francisco Recreation & Parks organization; they have multiple fields around the city – full pitch and half courts. I spoke with a representative from that organization and was told that the applications are evaluated on first come first serve but that I should hear back in a week or two. Their locations vary in size and distance from where the conference will be, so I filtered for what looked like the best fields and closest to Moscone Center, ranging from 2 miles to 7 miles away, no bad.  Cost of rental is cheap, their website list US $96 per hour ($83 for field + $13 for lighting) – this maybe the only thing cheaper in San Francisco than Vegas 😊… we paid $200/hour in Vegas last year.

If you are interested in joining us, please enter your name in the form here ;. I promise not to share the information there and will only use it for communication related to this activity.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, can sponsor or know of a vendor that can sponsor us, please let me know via Twitter.

Let's do this and kick some balls... soccer balls that is  😊


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