Hi, Spring fans! What a week! I have … nothing… happening this week! You know why? I had jury duty for which I was summonsed in mid-2019. I had to postpone it since I was on the road. I finally report to the court to serve as a juror for some trial unknown, this month, January 2020, and I was there… for maybe two hours. I was excused! You should definitely do your civic duty, of course. But, it was awesome to have it over and done within a few hours. I had blocked out the entire week, just in case. So, now I’m working on my Reactive Spring book, writing a ton of code to support improvements to the production pipeline of my podcast, and so much more.

When you have some time off… read! There’s so much good stuff out there. And with that, let’s get to it!

  • Spring team legend Roy Clarkson published a really interesting blog post on the Reactive BookStore Service Broker. A service broker is an application that acts as an agent, manipulating some sort of resource, in a unified way, on behalf of a Kubernetes or a Cloud Foundry platform. It’s an API with a uniform interface. You could use a service broker to spin up MongoDB instances, RabbitMQ, SendGrid, e-mail caches, and so much more. So this post demonstrates how to build a custom service broker using reactive APIs.
  • Hey Spring fans! Do not miss this February 12th: Effective Spring on Kubernetes Webinar
  • Spring Integration AWS 2.3.1 & Spring Cloud Stream Kinesis Binder 2.0.1 Available
  • In last week’s installment of A Bootiful Podcast, I talked to Pivotal Labs Sydney director David Julia about applied agile, testing strategy, the business of Pivotal Labs, and so much more. Do not miss this one. This was one of my favorite episodes - so illuminating.
  • Spring Security 5.3.0.M1 Released
  • There’s another excellent webinar, in two short days, on Getting Started with Spring Cloud Gateway
  • JAXEnter did a Java retrospective series, and I was one of the industry veterans that they consulted for their opinion. I got my responses in a little late, but they added them in (retroactively) and you might enjoy the read.
  • I love This Month in RabbitMQ and they just published the December 2019 recap installment.
  • Speaking of RabbitMQ, there are a ton of exciting new changes in store. Bit by bit, the team is replacing the old consensus protocols with Raft, introducing new queue types, providing better upgrade features and observability and introducing Kubernetes support.
  • I liked Tom Prior’s post, Easy Lift Off with Kotlin and PCF.
  • Hippolyte Durix created a really interesting Spring Boot application demonstrating test-driven design, and domain-driven design, and Hexagonal architecture, among other things.
  • I am really looking forward to speaking at Dr. Venkat Subramaniam’s new conference in beautiful Colorado, DevDotNext
  • The Okta Developer blog has a great post on securing legacy apps with Spring Cloud Gateway

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